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Kuraoka + Lieber Exhibit


Pope Francis’s Encyclical

Spent some of today reading the text of Pope Francis’s Encyclical – a very impressive document. There is so much that he shares that is incredibly accurate – beautifully and courageously delivered. Read the document in full here


Story about Tom Lieber:


One afternoon I went to visit Tom at his home studio on a hillside amongst redwoods in San Geronimo, CA (West Marin, County). It was a crisp fall day after an early season rain and the wet redwood forest was fragrant.  I climbed a hillside of stairs to the top level  of the house Tom […]

Tim Ferriss – Mastering Any Skill

Tim Ferriss

Working with Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson

Recently I had a chance to work with Aurora Robson, more coming soon.

In Trim

When surfing became a part of my life over forty years ago, my approach continued down a familiar path – how do I understand this endeavor better, where is the edge, what might be improved? Working with metal while building and racing motorcycles familiarized me with a higher standard of precision and accuracy than was […]

In Conversation with Dick Brewer

In conversation with Dick Brewer, coming soon.

Kathryn McBride

kathyrn mcbride

My friend Kathryn McBride introduced me to clay and was instrumental in my decision to become an art major at San Francisco State University. Kathryn was a graduate student in the ceramics department and graciously invited me to the studio, showed me how to throw, introduced me to the instructors (Joe Hawley, David Kuraoka, and Charles “Bud” […]