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Kuraoka + Lieber Exhibit

Kathryn McBride

kathyrn mcbride

My friend Kathryn McBride introduced me to clay and was instrumental in my decision to become an art major at San Francisco State University. Kathryn was a graduate student in the ceramics department and graciously invited me to the studio, showed me how to throw, introduced me to the instructors (Joe HawleyDavid Kuraoka, and Charles “Bud” McKee) and helped me realize some of my early projects with advice on clay choice, construction, drying, firing and glazing. Kathryn shared and inspired, she was a natural teacher. To watch Kathryn work, was spellbinding – she was fast, focussed, meticulous, methodical and precise. Delicate and feminine, Kathryn embodied extraordinary creative force, power and strength. She was masterful in making clay give shape to her vision. A friend once told me that an artist’s spirit energetically imbues their chosen medium. Look at these photos of Kathryn’s work. What comes over you when you engage with Kathryn’s work is exactly what came over all those who had a chance to share her loving, graceful presence. Kathryn’s spirit lives on in her work and creations, her son Joseph and the numerous family members, friends and students who she touched and inspired.