view motorcycles as the synergy of life and technology, man and machine. I have always enjoyed speed and racing because it is an area in life where everyone is focused on doing their absolute best. Racing machinery is a test bed for innovation, built to be light, powerful, and to give the rider extraordinary fit and control in the most challenging circumstances. MotoGP and WORLD SUPERBIKE are top examples of motorcycle road racing.

Lifelong friendships with J.P. Morgen, Sandy Kosman, Harry Hunt, Roland Cushway and Paul Butler have inspired an exploration of what is possible on two wheels. A well set up bike is an extension of your body and riding on race tracks allows the application of repeatable, thoughtful focus on technique and technology development.  I’ve been lucky to learn from some of the best riding coaches in the world and have participated in over a dozen two day camps with Keith Code and the California Superbike School at tracks around the country.

J.P. Morgen and I had a great time learning from Rich Oliver at his Mystery School.

The Skip Barber Superbike School at Laguna Seca, California was also enlightening.

The more I learn about riding, the greater my confidence grows and the more enjoyable and relaxing riding at speed becomes. Applying proper form and technique with on and off track coaching is the safest and most efficient way to develop riding skill and I have found that the insights gained influence all aspects of my life.